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Other decorative features include grotesques to the outer face of some balustrades, and a floral-like motif at either side of the top of the four ornamental tower-like elements. The center span between the two suspension towers is 1,380 feet (421 m) long, and the side spans between the suspension towers and the anchorages are each 700 feet (213 m) long. The span to Manhattan intersects perpendicularly with the I-278 viaduct between the Bronx and Queens spans. The Queens arm of the viaduct formerly crossed Little Hell Gate, a creek located between Randalls Island to the north and Wards Island to the south. The bridge originally crossed the North Quay underpass on two continuous, reinforced-concrete girder spans, each 33 feet (10 m) with girders of variable depth. A stair is also located within the North Quay retaining wall on the northeastern side of the bridge connecting North Quay and Coronation Drive.

It carries eight lanes of Interstate 278, four in each direction, as well as a sidewalk on the northeastern side. The bridge has two lanes for motor traffic in each direction, and a footpath on each side of the bridge. The bridge spans between ground level on the higher northern bank, ramping down to Grey Street inland from the southern bank. It originally connected to the intersection of East 134th Street and Cypress Avenue, a site now occupied by the interchange between I-87 and I-278. Although designed to reduce congestion on the existing Victoria Bridge and within the CBD, the bridge created new congestion issues of its own, as it put considerable pressure on the Normanby Fiveways intersection making it one of Brisbane’s most congested and dangerous intersections. The William Jolly Bridge was constructed between 1928 and 1932 following the formation of Greater Brisbane in 1925, and was one of the first major capital works of the new city Council being part of a bold policy of civic improvements under the provisions of the Greater Brisbane Act. As part of lubrication, you should also check the oil levels and change the hydraulic oil regularly. By the 18th century, the availability of wood for making charcoal was limiting the expansion of iron production, so that England became increasingly dependent for a considerable part of the iron required by its industry, on Sweden (from the mid-17th century) and then from about 1725 also on Russia.

The steelwork was encased in Gunite, a sprayed dry mix concrete, the process of which was based on an invention in the United States at turn of century to spray plaster of paris in the reconstruction of skeletons of prehistoric animals. Caunton have designed, fabricated & erected the structural steelwork for the new Promotional Logistics Ltd (Prolog) production office and distribution warehouse facility as shown in the photograph above. A misconception at the time of construction was that the concrete encasing was decorative and was only used to hide the structural steelwork of the bridge. It is noted that those living in Brisbane tend to regard this as normal for a bridge of this type; however this is in fact most unusual and few bridges around the world, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge, have this feature. The bridge was designed to alleviate the traffic on the Victoria Bridge, but by as early as 1939 it was carrying 45% of the cross river traffic and was effectively doing more than it was designed to achieve. The viaducts cross Randalls and Wards Islands, previously two islands and now joined by landfill. These three bridges are connected by an elevated highway viaduct across Randalls and Wards Islands and 14 miles (23 km) of support roads.

The decorative towers were intended to support overhead cables for the proposed tramway. These overhead anchor points remain in situ. The same year Deco Towers Associates, a foreign investment group, acquired 330 West 42nd Street as its sole property. The Grey Street Bridge opened on 30 March 1932. The bridge was officially opened to traffic on 30 March 1932 by Sir John Goodwin, the Governor of Queensland, just eleven days after the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The three spans of the RFK Bridge intersect at a grade-separated T-interchange on Randalls Island. The Bronx Kill span contains three main truss crossings, which are fixed spans because the Bronx Kill is not used by regular boat traffic. “The main challenge was ensuring that the helipad was structurally sound and supported the overall architecture of the hotel,” says the Burj al Arab’s managing director Anthony Costa. Each main cable contains 37 strands, with each strand made of 296 individual wires, for a total of 10,952 wires per main cable. To tackle the problem Prime Minister Winston Churchill set up the cross-party Burt Committee in 1942, which sent British engineers to the United States the following year to investigate how America – one of the main wartime advocates of prefabricated construction – intended to address its needs for post-war housing.

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