Planning Tips for a Perfect Barn Wedding in Dorset

When you envision your perfect wedding, does a rustic barn amongst the beautiful rolling hills and golden wheat fields come to mind? If so, a charming barn wedding in the picturesque county of Dorset, England might just be the perfect fit for you. Dorset’s captivating landscapes and array of romantic barn venues make it a top choice for your unique and intimate ceremony. Here are some essential tips to assist you in planning your dream barn wedding in Dorset.

Selecting the Perfect Venue:

Deciding on the right venue is a significant step in the planning process. Dorset offers a variety of beautiful country barn venues, each with its unique charm. Consider what you need in terms of space and guest accommodation and book early to secure your preferred date. Noteworthy Dorset barn venues include the Marble Barn in Long Bredy, the Tithe Barn in Symondsbury and the Stockbridge Barn in Sherborne.

Adapting to the Weather:

Weather is a genuine, particularly critical aspect of outdoor weddings in rural Dorset. While the region’s weather is typically mild, it can be unpredictable. Choose a barn that provides indoor spaces in case of bad weather and a pleasant outdoor area for optimal weather. Consider hiring open-sided marquees to keep guests cosy during the reception, which can be quickly closed if the weather turns unfavourable.

Deciding on the Decor:

When planning a barn wedding, embrace the venue’s natural rustic charm. Decorate with elements that enhance rather than mask the barn’s unique features. Use lots of fairy lights, vintage lanterns, and candles for romantic soft lighting. Use locally-sourced wildflowers for a true Dorset feel. Remember, less is often more with these spaces.


Barn weddings allow for plenty of creative freedom, including the menu. Consider using a local caterer to add a touch of Dorset to your wedding cuisine. Local produce such as Dorset Blue Vinny cheese, Dorset Apple Cake, and locally brewed ciders can add a unique food narrative. You could even opt for a fun, family-style buffet or a Dorset themed picnic.

Transportation and Accessibility:

Ensure your venue is accessible to all guests, especially those with mobility issues. While many barns are in more remote locations, they should have adequate parking and clear signage. You might consider arranging a shuttle service from local accommodation if necessary.

Comfort First:

Your guests’ comfort should be a priority – ensure there are enough chairs and tables for everyone, and perhaps some comfortable seating areas for older guests. Barns can get cold, so consider heating in colder months, and equally, ensure there are shaded areas during warmer seasons.

Choose the Right Photographer:

Barn weddings have a certain aesthetic that some photographers barn weddings dorset excel in capturing. Ensure you hire a photographer who has experience with barn weddings and is familiar with Dorset’s unique lighting conditions and landscapes. They will be sure to capture the charm and character of your big day.

A barn wedding in Dorset can be a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The surrounding countryside will provide you with the perfect backdrop to make your big day even more special. And remember – while the planning process may seem overwhelming, this is ultimately your day to celebrate your love. Make sure it feels personal to you, and most importantly, enjoy the ride!

To conclude, planning a barn wedding in Dorset requires thoughtful consideration of the venue, decor, weather, transportation, and photography. However, by incorporating local flavours and ensuring guest comfort, you can undoubtedly create a magical and memorable day. Above all, Dorset’s unique charm will shine through, making your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. Make the day yours and have fun planning your perfect Dorset barn wedding.